From the environmental dream to a fully integrated sustainable residential development located in the heart of Old Chelsea, Chelsea Creek has now achieved all municipal and provincial approvals. We originally underestimated the approval periods for such a unique and innovative project in Chelsea. These involuntary delays just reinforce our willingness to create a multi-generational development where respecting the environment and complete environmental integration are at the forefront and the heart of our vision.

We can finally confirm that we have broken ground, starting with a commercial building and commencing marketing and sales of units within the project. We invite you to join us in this leading edge eco-friendly community and to be amongst the first residents to fully live the Chelsea Creek experience, that of a true sustainable eco-development!

May 2011 – We finally break ground!
Chelsea Creek Commercial Phase 1 commences construction of its first 8,000 SF 2-storey retail and office building which will house Desjardins (Caisse Populaire de Hull) and Proxim Pharmacy (Dr. Isabelle Ménard). This state of the art ‘sustainably designed’ building features a ‘village’ feel and look (Craftsman Architecture) all of which is well integrated within the Old Chelsea landscape and Old Chelsea Road. InHamony’s vision of providing excellent designed and crafted properties is well demonstrated in this first building. Furthermore, InHarmony sustainable design principles have seen its foundation implemented in this first building while promoting street scale and feel, site walkability, bicycle access and parking, ‘hidden’ rear parking not to visually pollute Old Chelsea Road, dark sky lighting, etc.

July 2011 – Chelsea Creek’s communal well application to Quebec’s Ministry of Environment is approved!

September 2011 – Chelsea Creek agrees to partner with the Municipality on its feasibility study for water & sewer project

Fall 2011/Winter 2012 – Commercial pre-leasing continues as does work on exciting projects which should see the day in 2012

November 2011 – Chelsea Creek’s proposed district geothermal system is approved as a pilot project by l’Agence d’efficacité énergétique and the Canadian Federation of Municipalities. Chelsea Creek has partnered with Equinox Energy Group www.eeg.ca for this unique project which will be a first in Eastern Canada.

Fall 2012/Winter 2013 – Launching of Chelsea Creek’s residential sales and commencement of residential construction

Best Regards,

A Wonderful Destination
Welcome to Chelsea Creek !

Set in the splendid landscape of the Gatineau Park, Chelsea Creek is an escape to yesteryear, a new traditional neighbourhood steeped with the old fashioned charm of historic Chelsea Village. It’s a healthy lifestyle in an environment of harmony and beauty. Open spaces, nature conservation and green design are integrated in this living community. Stroll through the village and shops in your own walkable community, discover nature as you meander along the glacial creek bed, and retire to affordable homes, artfully designed and innovatively designed with quality craftsmanship and period architecture.

Seniors and pre-seniors - the multi-generational concept of Chelsea Creek will offer co-pro-ownership and apartments designed for the needs of the senior population. If you are interested in receiving more information about this type of housing we invite you to contact us indicating what type of housing and services are of interest to you.

Embrace local culture, envision a sustainable future and live with the environment!